Numbers are used to define, explain, analyze and measure almost every aspect of our lives on a daily basis. As an example: time, money, calendars, clocks, addresses, cell phones, social security numbers, bank accounts, the internet are just a few examples of the many numbers that are meaningful to us.

As important as the use of numbers is in our everyday life, throughout history, a system of numbers has been used as a tool of enlightenment and a success system to those individuals who have been fortunate to have discovered it. This system is called Numerology.
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Sue developed a lifetime of experience as a business coach and corporate trainer and training the trainers. She offers a unique and insightful journey through self-understanding, beyond our own limitations to expanded possibilities.

One session with Sue is guaranteed to help you see things you never saw in yourself before opening you to a new world of pure potentiality. Her gifts are truly a gift to those who are blessed to be in her sphere of influence. You are fortunate!

Stephany Crowley
Author, Television Producer/Host, Catalyst for Change, MoretoLifeChallenge
I have learned so much from Sue over the years about life, myself and the interaction between the universe’s energy and my life. She is well known for giving of herself to others.

Her quarterly updates provide guidance and security that I am on the right path. Thanks SUE!

Darla King
President, King’s Business Interiors, Columbus, OH

Sue Corbin is a Psychic Medium, Numerologist, Author, Professional Speaker and Trainer

During Sue Corbin’s 40-year career as a speaker and trainer, she has created hundreds of courses on self-development, success and leadership achievement, sales and marketing implementation and spirituality which she has presented to audiences numbering in the thousands. 

Sue Corbin has taught Numerology in live classes for decades and is now making it available as an online training opportunity.

Her other spiritual courses include the Psychic Senses, Crystals, Stones and Power Grids, Chakras, Auras and Light Bodies, Sacred Geometry and Numerology.

Her training sessions include videos, audios, workbooks, cheat sheets, and mind maps that she includes with each of her training sessions because she believes that these tools coupled with her training content and expertise, are the critical building blocks for success.

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